Sandra Robinson is a childbirth educator and doula. She is co-founder, author and developer of the popular and respected website

Sandra is also the co-author of the bestselling book “Birth – conceiving, nurturing and giving birth to your baby”. “Birth” has been reprinted several times since 2004 and is now available as an e-Book.

Sandra has facilitated and participated in numerous women’s groups on childbirth education and postnatal care, as well as developing training programs for childbirth educators and professional doulas.

She is a mother of three children and continues to facilitate childbirth classes and support women at births in her role as doula.

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I highly recommend BIRTH to all women and men on the road to parenthood and to anyone whose work is related to pregnancy, birth and the well being of the families who come to them for help.

Robin Barker

Author of Baby Love, The Mighty Toddler and BIRTH’s Foreword

Sandra Robinson

Sandra Robinson

Co-written by a midwife and a childbirth educator, with over 35 years collective experience in working closely with women and their families, this invaluable resource is an essential for every prospective parent.