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Using @SKNtech, a cosmeceutical Aussie product. Any skin problem, consider it solved.

Kate’s Experience

Kate completed her Beauty Diploma at the Australian College of Beauty Therapy in 2006. She has perfected her skills in high-end salons in Sydney and London and has shaped her own definitive style. KT Signature Facials are her speciality, using quality cosmecutical products, and a holistic approach to skincare and the wellbeing of her client.

How Kate can help you?

Kate’s special niche in skin and beauty is based on her extensive knowledge and ongoing experience in advanced facials and skincare. You will be in safe and professional hands with Kate as your ‘personal skin trainer’. She can give you a diagnostic appraisal of your skin, and advise you on innovative skincare routines and in-salon treatments to help you reach your skincare goals.




PHONE 0435 904 000


Practice address now at The Healing Practice

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Our skin is the largest organ of our body,and it’s important to take good care of it as best we can. At KT Skin & Beauty, that’s what we do best.




KT Signature facials are specifically formulated using Australian cosmeceutical skincare range SKNtech. Comprised of the finest ingredients including vitamins, antioxidants, AHA & BHAs. These high performance ingredients help enrich KT’s unique therapeutic and massage techniques. Expect to leave feeling nourished & rejuvenated and on a floating cloud of euphoric bliss.

Nourishing and Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment

This uplifting facial is specifically formulated using key ingredients, vitamins, antioxidants and massage techniques to help nourish the skin and soften the visible signs of ageing. It will help increase collagen production, assist in maintaining skin elasticity as well as improving cellular repair, pigmentation and deeply rejuvenate the skin.

Each treatment is customised and may include enzyme,  glycolic or lactic peels, and Microdermabrasion.

            60 minutes / $120

Purifying and Cleansing Facial Treatment

This beautiful facial treatment is designed to give congested and dull skin an aromatic awakening that will deep clean and rebalance the health of your skin. Using luxury cosmecutical skincare, this facial boosts a powerful treatment of vitamins and minerals into the skin that will deeply penetrate and clean the skin.

         60 minutes / $120

Definition of Skin Therapist

An educated professional trained to read your skin’s past and your skin’s present, and provide you with a healthy skin future.

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Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment

30 minutes $60   /    60 minutes $100

Diamond microdermabrasion is a non-invasive resurfacing treatment to remove the topical layers of dead skin cells, providing smoother, decongested, refined and stimulated complexion. The diamond wand will give you a thorough and comfortable treatment, suitable to your skin type with adjustable suction & diamond settings. Fabulous treatment on its own or with any other facial to prepare the skin for a deeper dermal infusion of products to follow.

Power Peel Express Facial

30 minutes – $60

Express facial treatment tailored to your skins needs. Including peels, enzymes, or vitamin C. To renew, revitalise, hydrate, plump or de-congest the skin.

SKN Workout Performance Facial

60 minutes – $100
A high performance lactic/ glycolic peel for your face, packed full of peptides for a multi-tasking peel that will renew, plump up and hydrate the skin.

Dual Radiance Facial Treatment

60 minutes – $120
A facial treatment to brighten skin, using a unique double-action anti-ageing formula of lactic acid & enzymes. This excellent depigmentation agent and peptides help to promote collagen. Bromelain (enzyme) is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that helps to reduce and calm facial redness, combined with the extraordinary benefits of marine minerals to repair the epidermal and dermal layers.

SKN Luminosity Facial Treatment

60 minutes –  $100
Pumpkin, salicylic and bentonite clay gently exfoliate the skin to promote clarity, boost cell regeneration to help clear breakout, while the bentonite clay helps to detoxify, reduce redness and heal the skin.

Vitamin C Potency Facial Treatment

60 minutes – $120

This facial is a double antioxidant hit with Vitamin C & Vitamin A, both powerful antioxidants that provide an array of benefits to naturally boost your collagen & elastin, and creating a brighter, smoother, more hydrated youthful complexion.

Men’s Indulgence Facial Treatment

60 minutes –  $120

Put your best face forward with a tailored revitalising skin treatment, with minor tweaks to your nose, ear and brows to maximise your freshest complexion.


Knowing which facial treatment is best for your skin can sometimes be overwhelming, Kate will go through your consultation with you to discuss any concerns you may have to provide the perfect Signature Facial.


$30 – Eyelashes + eyebrows

$20 – Eyebrows

$15 – Lip/chin/sides

$20 – Underarm

$25 – Bikini line

$30 – G-string

$35 – Brazilian

$25 – Half arm

$30 – Full arm

$25 – Half leg

$35 – Full leg

$30 – Back/Chest


$30 – Eyebrow + lip/chin                                          ​15 minutes

$55 – Half leg + Brazilian                                          30 minutes

$65 – Full leg + Brazilian                                           30 minutes

$50 – Eyebrow wax + eyebrow tint + eyelash tint      30 minutes

Purchase 5 facials, get 1 free


$30 – Eyebrow + lip/chin                                          15 minutes

$55 – Half leg + Brazilian                                          30 minutes

$65 – Full leg + Brazilian                                           30 minutes

$50 – Eyebrow wax + eyebrow tint + eyelash tint     30 minutes

Purchase 5 facials, get 1 free


$20 – Eyelashes                       15 minutes

$15 – Eyebrows                       15 minutes

$30 – Eyelashes + eyebrows    15 minutes

Purchase 5 facials, get 1 free


$45 – KT On the Run Massage                              30 minutes

For Shoulders + back + neck+ scalp areas. Stimulating, invigorating massage to relieve those tight areas and let go of tension using a mixture of deep tissue and gentler techniques.

$80 – KT Over the Top Massage                             60 minutes

This is a full body massage working the whole body or focusing on particular areas.  A longer massage that is stimulating and invigorating to begin with, ending with deep relaxing massage.

Purchase 5 facials, get 1 free