What is Somato Emotional Release Therapy?

This therapy (sometimes known as Myofascial Release Therapy or more correctly known as Somato Emotional Release (SER) ) was originally developed by John Upledger and taught by him and others. Upledger discovered that the body couldn’t always fully release its tensions and patterns, unless the held emotional energy in the body was released. Peter Levine

If emotion cannot be released or expressed at the time it was generated, or if a trauma is accompanied by strong emotions, the particular emotion(s) may become trapped in the tissues of the body. SER is the process of discovering and releasing the emotion or emotional energy, by working with the fascia tissue, or also known as the connective tissue. When a SER begins, movement will start to happen in your body, as a letting go. Movements can be quite strong or equally small and more subtle.

This particular type of treatment accesses and assists the body in healing at the source of the pain or problem where it was both initiated and stored. This is the ultimate mind-body connection.

The healing process is a journey. This type of inner work assists and empowers us to use trauma as a healthy catalyst and as a transformative experience to be whole again.


Opening to the truth

This will assist with?

  • Emotional trauma re relationship issues
  • Life changes such as divorce, childbirth trauma, childhood trauma
  • Emotional or physical abuse
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

Somato Emotional Release Therapy – is a gentle release technique that works at a deeper level of the body in order to let go of emotional blocks that can stop the person from moving forward and being active in their lives again. Both craniosacral and somato emotional myofascial release are non-invasive approaches that can work gently in tandem with talking therapies such as most styles of counselling.


As a result of a busy work schedule, I often experience tension in my body, especially around my neck. I feel very lucky to have met Karen who is a talented, caring therapist who understands the individual’s specific needs. I found her massage techniques deeply healing especially the Somato Emotional Release Myofascial Unwinding, and I would recommend her service to anyone who’s looking for a professional massage therapist with a special touch.

Francesca Murden

Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Somato Unwinding

Karen Hyams

Karen Hyams

My passion in healing is helping to release both the physical and emotional blocks in the body in a safe and gentle manner and in a safe environment.

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