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When I was a young girl I dreamed of being a ‘famous actress’, and then an air hostess, in order to escape a possibly predictable story of life-scripting and in my own way, I have been all of those things. I joined a fringe drama group and dabbled in acting.  I travelled overseas under my own steam and worked extensively there before returning to Australia and looking forward to a fresh new beginning.

My experiences in hospitality – in both running our own restaurant and managing the running of small hotels,  taught me that an absolute commitment to the client and the finished product is required to ensure that both sets of needs are met. ‘ The customer is always King’ is the old adage that underscores any successful service industry. When you provide a service, you aim to make it the best possible, getting to know your customers to ensure your product is what they want. Happy customer, happy business.

At the Healing Practice, we embody that approach in our holistic healthcare. At the Healing Practice, we aim to take care of our clients and to treat them with respectfulness, with professional and skilled care and a warm responsiveness in our approach. It’s important to engage with our clients and to establish a state of rapport with you. We want to know more about you, in order to be more skillful and empathetic in our services and to continue to provide them with ongoing quality holistic care.  We look forward to seeing you at The Healing Practice.   – Claire


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