Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph from the body tissue.
Boost your immune system and detoxify with a range of Lymphatic Drainage Treatments and Add ons – guaranteed to aid your wellbeing and recovery.


Heal Your Body

Your body needs to perform for your work, life and well being. How do you ensure it’s running at peak performance? By devoting time to maintenance!
The Healing Practice offers a complete range of Speciality Massages for you Including Remedial, Healing, Baby Bowen, Gua Sha, Therapeutic.

pregnancy aura

Pregnancy and Postnatal

Pregnancy and birth, before, during and after are probably the key pinnacle experiences in a woman’s life and deserve and need a special kind of preparation and care. Fertility and Pre Natal /Conception as well as Post Natal are some of The Healing Practice’s speciality fields with 30 +years of experience


Mind Therapies

Holistic Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnosis are effective methods for treating any crisis situation, management of stress, anxiety, grief and trauma, fertility & pregnancy issues, relationship or family problems.
The Healing Practice’s experience in these areas are extensive. Get help now!

Celluma LITE LED Light Therapy Device completing facial treatment on patient

The Healing Practice is pleased to add the Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy to it’s range of Treatments and Services for our clients.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Therapy is a painless, effective and a very relaxing treatment to improve the overall condition of your skin and body.
The CellumaPro light therapy can be offered as an Add-on to our other treatments OR ….

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The Healing Practice Client Wearing the Lymphatic Circulate Compression Suit On Arms, Pelvis and Thighs 2

Lymphatic Drainage Full Body Compression Circulate System Therapy

Assisting with Lymphatic Drainage /Massage already provided at The Healing Practice, we have invested in the CJ & CO “Full Body Circulate System” that will deliver more results for our clients,.as the ” sleeves” can target your problem areas!
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The Healing Practice Sheila Perez Method case study - LEGS before treatment

Sheila Perez Miracle Touch™

Claire Cleaver is a certified, licensed Sheila Perez Miracle Touch ™ therapist after specialised training in the USA with Sheila herself
This massage is perfect for people seeking to improve the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits on their body. The Sheila Perez method has virtually reinvented slimming, contouring massage and lymphatic drainage for faster, longer-lasting results
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THP Client having a Facial Drainage and Buccal Massage

Deep Lymphatic Facial Drainage & Buccal Massage

Deep Lymphatic Facial Drainage & Buccal Massage is an intensely stimulating massage on both the inside and outside of your face, to release at depth, the build up of tension and stress that contorts and ages the face.
Stress interferes with the smooth flow of vital nutrients and innervation to our facial nerves which govern our body and is also ageing!”
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Claire Cleaver specialises in massage, hypnotherapy and holistic counselling. She sees clients for various needs recognising that high levels of sustained stress can create long-term unwellness. It is important to seek the right treatment at the right time.

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Effective from April 30th 2024, The Healing Practice Treatments & Services prices will rise. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with all our wonderful clients.