Sheila Perez Miracle Touch™

The Healing Practice is now taking bookings for The Sheila Perez lymphatic/ slimming massage method, which aims to improve, reduce and reshape the body contours especially the abdomen, waist, hips and buttocks.

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The Healing Practice is at work although under a currently restricted calendar, to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of our local community comes first and that of our own individual health. We are offering our full range of massage services in clinic as an 'essential care service' and as eligible providers. Counselling appointments are also in clinic unless you prefer Zoom or phone. We look forward to treating you and taking extra special care of you re the very current need to be hypervigilant about hygiene and social-distancing. Please book as usual on website or contact me if any confusion. Please note we are also fully vaccinated for your greater confidence and ours. We look forward to seeing you soon. Please note that from 1st February 2022, there will be a slight cost increase for most services. Also note, there has not been an increase since 2019. Claire

pHOTO OF cLAIRE cLEAVER    Claire Cleaver is the founder of The Healing Practice.  She is a holistic practitioner and therapist specialising in Pregnancy and Postnatal services, Massage, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis  and Counselling.  

 Our Services At the Healing Practice  

We specialise in the health and well-being of our clients. Our orientation is holistic, in that a body-focused approach is often the best pathway to health for clients, through  massage and manipulative muscular-skeletal techniques; and more gentle modalities such as Craniosacral therapy and Bowen Technique. For others, it is through a more mind-focused approach such as clinical counselling, psychotherapy, hypnosis and  coaching, that clients embark on for a more specific and indepth pathway for growth and change.

Is your ‘Why am I here’ at a low ebb? Are you going backwards but want to go forward? Or are you looking for inspiration in creating a knock-out future? And need support to change?  Find out by scheduling a free chat.

The Healing Practice has long been associated as a place of excellence for pregnant women’s needs and afterwards, as the next chapter of family life unfolds. Claire is a committed birth educator, and continues to practice both as a ‘hands on’ educator and in the teaching of HypnoCalmbirth. .

Our therapists are all well trained in multi-disciplinary areas, registered professionals and committed to best practice and ongoing professional development. The Healing Practice philosophy and approach at 129b Balmain Road, Leichhardt is to deliver quality holistic care that is both affordable and effective for her clients in the inner-west of Sydney. Our key services are listed under Mind Therapy services such as counselling and hypnosis or Heal Your Body services such as massage or bowen, Pregnancy and Birth for pregnancy and birth related services and Supervision for counsellors and counsellors seeking clinical supervision services. We look forward to welcoming you as a client at The Healing Practice and assisting your enquiry.

The Healing Practice
129b Balmain Road
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Get to know us! Introductory Offers
The Healing Practice has Special Introductory Offers for First Time clients.

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Welcome To Our New Therapist

We welcome  Eleanor Lee-Bognar – a highly experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist of over 20 years practise. Eleanor has long worked in the Innerwest, specialising in Pelvic Floor and Bladder issues, Pregnancy Back and Pelvic conditions and Postnatal Backcare. Also experienced in exercise prescription for pregnancy, postnatal and senior women.





Heal Your Body

Your body is your best resource in your daily life, day in and day out, 24/7 for 52 weeks of the year and 365 days in case you had forgotten! That means you need to take care of your body because it’s working tirelessly and uncomplainingly most of the time.


Mind Therapies

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnosis are effective methods for treating any crisis situation, management of stress, grief and trauma, relationship or family problems and any emotional or psychological problems

Pregnancy and Postnatal

Pregnancy and birth are probably the key most pinnacle experiences in a woman’s life and those experiences are certainly worthy of a special kind of preparation and care.