What is Fertility Hypnotherapy?

    • Fertility hypnotherapy is a specific therapy that creates a ‘safe place’ for a woman to open to herself, and begin to build a womb of love and spaciousness.
    • Hypnosis helps to let go of old grief and loss which can affect a woman’s hormonal balance, immunity and fertility.
    • Create Fertility Change – shifting negative emotions helps you make improved internal changes to the way you think, feel and behave.  Book here

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Fertility Crisis-point

Are you at a crisis-point with your fertility? Despairing it’s never going to happen? Waking up with dread and disappointment about a future that you want to be different? Blaming yourself or your husband that conception is eluding you? Constantly calculating and testing your ovulation and going mad from it? Avoiding friends and family who are pregnant (again) because it’s too painful to hear their happy news? 

For you, it could be one of these aspects or more of them. And as fertility is a waiting game and a numbers game, each month brings fresh terrors and hope all at the same time. There’s a lot to consider, so let’s look at the different things that need to happen to ensure easier fertility and what’s possibly happening for you. Or not.

Two people: potential mother and father who have had various, minimal or no medical tests to ensure that both parties have functioning and healthy parts to make a baby, in the first place and know how to do that.

What does that look like – knowing how and when to make a baby?

You, the woman, are observing your monthly menstrual cycle and know when your ovulation window is and will then let your partner know, the time is right to have happy and fun sex together. Your partner will be responsive to your invitation and make himself particularly attractive to you during these physical endeavours.

After the deed or frequent seeding is done during your ovulation phase, the waiting game begins. 

If a period comes around again, it’s time to look deeper at how this interaction between the two of you is happening and what might be missing.

Fertility is primarily seen as a physical union of spermatoza finding the prize egg and that egg permitting a single sperm to enter into her nucleus, which  then implants itself in the uterine lining to further develop into a hoped for baby. If that implantation does not develop further, the uterine lining will shed and become the next menstrual cycle.

So far, so good. If the blastocyst, (the implanted egg and sperm) doesn’t grow, for various reasons of faulty or mismatched DNA or other, it would result in a delayed period or even a missed period if implantation had lasted for up to a few days. 

Aside from the physical mechanics of the mother and father, other factors to consider are the physiological factors of each and the psychosomatic nature of each of them. 

Are you caught in the fight/flight response?

  Stress is stored cortisol stuck in the body and interferes with various physiological systems, especially your nervous system. Cortisol protects the body from a perceived risk and acts to fight or flight its way out of harms way. If the risk is not dealt with, then some cortisol will remain in the nervous system with any excess converted to fat as fat stores. Longterm, this debilitating and anxious state is impactful on your mind, body and spirit.

Maybe you know you have to do something different, but are not ready to confront the realities yet or know which way to go? This constant disruption to your nervous system affects how others see you, your close relationships, daily connections to others and more importantly, how you see yourself. 

Create fertility change and shift those negative emotions aside. Imagine what your life could be like – waking up with a happy heart looking forward to the day; enjoying your partner’s touch without flinching or seeing it as a chore to endure. Saying no to crappy foods and feeling good about your body. Putting aside any cravings and bad habits and taking care of yourself in the best way possible. Actually celebrating your life and knowing that it’s pretty good right now.

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Holistic Fertility Program  –

Our unique package of 4 x sessions to shift those negative emotions and more into a future of calm hope and fulfilment. 

  • Create your Holistic Fertility Plan
  • Uncover the blocks and obstacles cluttering your intention  
  • Unlock your voice and self-expression
  • Discover how self-acceptance is your most potent tool

Somatic therapy and breathwork, EFT, talk therapy and hypnosis will help create change and overcome old grief and loss: To improve your hormonal balance, immunity and fertility. And – enjoyment of your life!
4 x sessions (face to face or online of 90 minutes) – to uncover what’s potentially blocking your chances of successful conception and to discover your internal resources to build your successful fertility health.

Individual sessions S225; or choose our Holistic Fertility Program of 4 x sessions of 90 mins each for $800. Ask Claire for more info.

How will Fertility Hypnotherapy help you?

  • Hypnosis provides a unique internal space that is mostly – highly visual; and a sensory encapsulation of your experience at the time (within a safe space). Guided suggestions can direct you to discover a deeper place of creative knowing. That place can be pivotal to seeding and stepping into change.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a clinically proven, stress management tool to reduce stress and help regulate the nervous system. You will be shown how to use it anytime or anywhere, as it is a very portable and effective tool to use when needed.
  • Somatic therapy approaches the body as a repository of all lived experience in that person, which of course it is, yet held and restrained emotion can hinder a person’s understanding of moving forward in their life.
  • Breathwork is the perfect partner to express both powerful breathing and to locate where locked experience is held.
  • Your understanding of your spirituality is invited to sit with you as you open yourself to unlocking old secrets or frozen beliefs, and reframing them with new understanding; acknowledging and accepting the deep uniqueness of who you are.

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“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy systems!”  The quality of your thought etc Gary Craig, Founder of EFT

Do you work long hours at a job you mostly love, but gives you little time to experience personal time, let alone quality time with your partner?
Are his fertility tests all good and yours are kinda patchy?
Why is your cycle so irregular? And what makes it that way, do you think?
How could it be improved? What real changes would you have to make and does that scare you a little?
Want to be pregnant? Yet conflicted?

Medical research

  • Shows that specific to reproduction there are various factors that contribute positively to a woman being responsive to conceiving. Conception is more than just a physical event taking place in a receptive body between egg and sperm. The real driver is the state of a woman’s mental health and wellbeing which really do hold ‘the show’ together, in that her mental, emotional, psycho-social and spiritual factors are the key to making effective change happen.

Fertility can be a real crisis-point in a woman’s life and of her partner, when conception does not happen as desired or expected. Unexplained fertility drags out the pain of not conceiving and extends that crisis-point into an ongoing monthly struggle of feeling letdown (to put it mildly).  Women are quick to blame themselves when things go wrong.

Yet often, the problem is a shared one. This internal struggle of ‘why is this happening’ and ‘what can I do about it’ is often the very antithesis of what not to do!

  • It’s important to recognise old grief and loss and to understand it in order to let it go.  We tend to hold onto things, old hurts, old memories, old scars and these are the very things that keep us stuck. In order to create womb-building on the inside, old and limiting thoughts and memories need to be jettisoned (with love!) 
  • A woman needs to further explore how to become more fertile in all aspects of her daily life. Building small acts of fertile appreciation!
  • To encourage ‘moving forward’, it’s necessary to attend to your body as well. Fertility Massage will support this or other types of bodywork. Book here
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How to start your hormonal balance journey

  • 1. Prioritise yourself in all aspects of your life. Hard as this might sound as females are more socially conditioned to be supportive in their relationships and interactions.
  • Discover the joy of selfishness! You come first (within reason!)
  • Make a plan of when you want to have a baby, then work backwards so you can start filling in the details of what that is going to look like.
    •  Plan your approach.  That may mean – being committed to conceiving as healthily as you can, and if conception either hasn’t happened within a reasonable period of time (say 1-2 years), or you are pre-contemplating conception at a ‘get ready’ phase, then you will need to rethink and redo the manner of your current lifestyle. A DO-OVER! Probably not what you want to hear, But, if conception hasn’t happened yet, then something will have to change to procure one. Such as – reduce your stress levels, drink less wine or no wine, improve your nutrition and focus more meaningfully on a simpler life (for the time-being anyway).

When all of that is consistent over time (the implemented changes), as in 90 days of an egg’s cycle, you will have the chance to improve both your egg quality, your quality of life and your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

Or you may benefit from learning more about our new fertility package (Create Fertility Change) to help you conceive.  Contact Claire to find out more…
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