The Healing Practice Massages

Our Signature Massage

This is a true integration of massage modalities. Bringing together an array of traditional oriental techniques and beneficial Swedish movements to ultimately relax and relieve any tension and stress. Designed to eliminate muscle tension, increase blood circulation and healthy lymph flow, reduce stress to ultimately promote total relaxation, wellbeing and clarity for the mind, body and spirit. Find out more.

60 minutes / $115        90 minutes / $150

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This specialised treatment encourages the natural drainage of the lymph from the body tissue. The technique is light with gentle pressure mobilising fluid toward the lymphatic processing sites, with varying degrees of pressure in the actual sites (chest, neck, abdomen, axilla (armpit), inguinal (groin) region, and in association with the blood vessels of the intestines.

Lymphatic Massage is gentle and relaxes the nervous system and aids the immune system. It is particularly beneficial for those recovering from respiratory infections, chronic fatigue, and also for the physically inactive; or recuperation from long illness or surgery; and ongoing rehabilitation such as cancer treatment plans. Find out more.

60 Minutes / $115

Rebalance Massage (realign lower back / hips)

This treatment focuses on restoring postural and muscular balance to the whole body, using special massage and stretching techniques on selected areas. It is focused on releasing and activating muscles around hip and lower back areas (lumbar-pelvic region). This area is very important for overall posture, as it grounds the centre of body particularly in the way that we move). Find out more.

60 Minutes / $115

Fertility Massage

This specialised treatment focuses on areas of stagnation and tension in a woman’s body to improve her health and wellbeing to support conception. Various massage techniques are used to identify stagnant areas (such as adhesions and scar tissue, muscular tension, digestive problems) and to rectify areas of need. The particular focus is abdominal, to relieve tension in the soft tissue areas, soften and release external scars and internal adhesions (e.g. from old abdominal surgeries such as Gall bladder or Appendix removals, whether keyhole or other), aiding digestion, elimination and tonifying the viscera (abdominal organs and surrounding tissue).

Fertility Massage may also include Lymphatic Drainage as the perfect accompaniment to improving immunity and circulation. This is recommended for women who have been struggling with their fertility for over a year or more, or would like to optimise their health and wellbeing in preparation for conception. Find out more.

90 Minutes / $150

De-Stress Therapy

Manual techniques applied to release the fascia, particularly in the shoulders, neck and scalp. By using advanced myofascial release techniques, targeted areas that normally hold a lot of stress and tension from physical and / or emotional stress or trauma can be released. To finish the treatment, we use a soothing herbal compress to further relax worked muscles. Suitable for someone who suffers from high stress or has poor posture. Find out more.

90 Minutes / $150

Invigorating Massage (remedial/sports influenced)

This treatment is designed to iron out any areas of tension or knots. Depending on your concerns, it can either be an all-over massage working from head to toe, finding and releasing tension as we go, or it can be a very targeted and focused session (e.g. lower back, shoulders and neck session, or glutes and legs session). It helps to improve flexibility and release stress and tension in the muscles. Your body will feel lighter and more flexible after the treatment. Find out more.

60 Minutes / $115

Facial Stress Release Acupressure

This customised treatment will work on the face,scalp, neck and shoulders by using facial acupressure techniques combined with lymphatic drainage massage. This treatment is highly relaxing and will help to reduce tension or stress. Our facial release treatment has been designed for people suffering from high stress, headaches or migraines, a tendency to clench their jaw while sleeping, someone who is a light sleeper or suffers from insomnia or has sinus issues. Acupoints for light needling may also be used to deepen the efficacy of this treatment. Find out more.

45 Minutes / $100

Gua Sha Facial Massage

This treatment uses Gua Sha techniques to gently work the skin and facial muscles by using a gentle ‘scraping’ technique to smooth and lift the face, making the face feel invigorated, radiant and smooth. Facial cosmetic needling may also be used to deepen the efficacy of this treatment. The face is an important area to work on to relieve congestion, detoxify the body systems, and stimulate the circulation via the meridians (energy channels) and increased blood flow. In addition, a head massage and stretches can be included that will stimulate the scalp and relieve tension areas at the occipital line (back edge of skull) and temporal lobes (above ears). This is a deeply relaxing treatment. Find out more. 

45 minutes / $100