To assist with the Lymphatic Drainage treatments /massage already provided at The Healing Practice, we have invested in the CJ & CO “Full Body Circulate System”- that will deliver more results for our clients.

What is the Full Body Compression Circulate System for Lymphatic Drainage?

The CJ & CO Circulate Full Body System includes separate attachments (garment ‘sleeves’ ) for your legs, waist and hips and arms.
Utilising this system will ensure you receive the full benefits, by bringing the power of lymphatic compression to your entire body(or parts that need to be targeted) in conjunction with the specific drainage massage techniques we already deliver at The Healing Practice.

To assist with obtaining the best results for our clients, The Healing Practice has 2 New Treatments utilising this Compression & Circulate System (AND the CellumaPro LED Therapy!)
The Lymphatic Circulate Compression & Breathwork Duo Treatment and the Deep Lymphatic Facial Drainage & Buccal Massage Trio Deluxe Treatment   Read more details below and Book

CJCO Full Body Circulate Lymphatic Compression System on patients hips and thighs


  • To re-educate the lymphatic system to start flowing better
  • For muscle rehabilitation and tissue restructure
  • To reduce tissue healing time and inflammation
  • For localised body slimming and remodelling of the area of the body chosenThe CJ&CO Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Compression & Massage System with individual "sleeves" for different parts of the body
  • To reduce cellulite and loose skin after weight loss
  • To help ease aches and pains and increase the range of movement
  • To increase detoxification
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Release fluid in the lymph nodes which may build up after surgery or after certain cancer treatments
  • Lowers stress levels
    Faster exercise recovery

Adjustable intensity levels from 80-260 mmHg
Free time setting from 10-90 mins
Colour LED touch screen for more convenient use
6 Chambers & 6 Massage Modes
Dense design for more convenient movement
Can connect with different sleeves or cuffs separately or simultaneously

‘Lymphatic Circulate Compression & Breathwork Duo’ Treatment – 60 mins

This new lymphatic services includes our compression circulate garments of best choice for your areas of concern- legs, waist and hips or arms. It starts with vital Breathwork to stimulate your diaphragm, circulatory and nervous systems to improve your treatment outcome.

Consider LED CellumaPro for your facial anti-ageing needs or body pain issues as an Add-on treatment while you lie quietly,  letting the Circulate System work its magic!

Schedule your ‘Lymphatic Circulate Compression & Breathwork Duo Treatment’ today!

Deep Lymphatic Facial Drainage & Buccal Massage Trio – 90 mins to 2 hours

This new deluxe lymphatic service is an intensely stimulating massage on both the inside and outside of your face, to release at depth, the build up of tension and stress that contorts and ages the face. Stress interferes with the smooth flow of  of vital nutrients and innervation to our facial nerves which govern our body. Stress is also ageing!  LED CellumaPro is included for your facial anti-ageing needs to soothe any inflammation at the end of your treatment.

Schedule Your ‘Deep Lymphatic Facial Drainage & Buccal Massage Trio Treatment’ Now!

THP Patient receiving combined treatment with a Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy Device and Circulate Compression Suit- different view

The Healing Practice client receiving a combined treatment with a Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy Device and Lymphatic Circulate Compression Suit

Do you just want to try the CellumaPro LED Light therapy as an 30 min Add on to any of our other treatments?
Book the 30 min Add On CellumaPro treatment