Our Happy Clients Comments

After driving past Claire’s practise on many occasions, I decided to reach out to her at a very difficult time in my marriage. I was seeking counsel around how to handle a situation. Claire’s care and compassion helped me frame the conversation with my husband. I continued to work with her as my husband and I worked through the issues. I found her to be a great listener, constructive in her advice, not judgemental along with having a warmth and care that makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Claire and would use her again.




“Claire is fantastic.  She talks through the steps as she goes, makes sure you are comfortable and gives you pointers for ongoing treatment outside of the sessions.  Her warm heart makes her a joy to see and you can tell she loves what she does and cares for her patients wellbeing.

I would thoroughly recommend Claire for anyone who is having nerve/sciatica issues from pregnancy. At the end of my first treatment, I had reduced pain by 80%, the ability to walk almost normally and had an increased positive mental state.”



Project Manager, Pregnancy Massage

“Thanks to Claire, labour induction was successful! 10.30pm my waters broke after a dinner of curry and red wine – recommended follow-up to induction massage. And my daughter was born the next morning at 5.30am”.



Designer, Labour Induction Massage

After 2 major operations and 12 months post-surgery, my body was still very swollen. My surgeon recommended weekly lymphatic drainage massages for 6 weeks. If there was no improvement, he would send me to a vascular surgeon. Claire was very thorough with her explanation of what Lymphatic drainage was all about and the benefits it would give my body. She introduced my body to gua sha (I’d certainly never heard of that before).

My scars have improved no end – they are flatter and the redness has decreased a lot. My Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon was very happy with my results and said they were the best he had seen after 6 weeks!  Claire is both knowledgeable about the body and an amazing therapist. I highly recommend her and always leave her clinic feeling amazing and much lighter.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

“I enrolled in the HypnoCalmBirth sessions as a way to achieve the ‘ideal’ labour I had created in my mind. With the practical skills and discussion I had with both Claire and my husband during the sessions, I felt well-equipped for the approaching labour. Unfortunately, my labour didn’t go as I planned but fortunately, I had all the skills I needed from the course to deal with the sudden change in situation. The HypnoCalmBirth sessions became more helpful to me than I thought it would.”

C & J

January , Hypnocalmbirth

“Claire’s compassion, honesty and amazing skills have helped me overcome battles of the mind and heart which I have been carrying for the biggest part of my life. Throughout my sessions with Claire, I uncovered barriers which I didn’t even know I had or held, to change my mind and my life.  Our sessions have been completely transformative.  Claire’s approach and method of healing has literally changed my life. ”             



“Claire’s massages and knowledge gave me energy throughout pregnancy and confidence going into labour. Claire takes a wholistic approach using a combination of techniques to locate and relieve physical and internal

tension. I also found my stamina increased and always felt a sense of strength and peace after each session.
Claire also shared insights with me about changes in my body and my baby’s development. She gave me simple-to-follow exercises and advice to support some of my pregnancy difficulties. Claire is an experienced, perceptive and warm person not to mention Claire has magic hands! Having a regular session with Claire is a happy and relaxing part of life. I highly recommend Claire to everyone I meet.

Claire’s massages and knowledge gave me energy throughout pregnancy and confidence going into labour. Claire takes a wholistic approach using a combination of techniques to locate and relieve physical and internal tension. I also found my stamina increased and always felt a sense of strength and peace after each session.

Claire also shared insights with me about changes in my body and my baby’s development. She gave me simple-to-follow exercises and advice to support some of my pregnancy difficulties. Claire is an experienced, perceptive and warm person not to mention Claire has magic hands! Having a regular session with Claire is a happy and relaxing part of life. I highly recommend Claire to everyone I meet. ”     


Mother of new son, Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

“Learning how to enter a different mind space but being able to be coherent at the same time made it easy to cope with labour. Also learning the different types of breathing for each stage added to the overall focus and management. Using the techniques taught by Claire actually made my labour an empowering experience, which I know may not be believable but it is the best way I can describe it.”

Three positive things I got from our session were –

  1. Connecting with my husband before the big day
    2. Entering a deep reflective and meditative state
    3. My husband enjoyed how he could work on how he could contribute to the labour process

Claire clearly was very experienced and knowledgeable about hypno calm birth. She taught us the techniques required to achieve our birth goals. We found Claire very comfortable to talk too and she was very professional. I would definitely recommend and have recommended Claire’s techniques to my girlfriends when they are ready to have babies.
• What other noticeable changes did you experience?
You initially think the techniques taught will only be useful for the labour process AND THEN, you begin the process of breast feeding!!!!. So I used the breathing and mind techniques to get through the hardest weeks of trying to breastfeed until we got through the painful side. Now my daughter is 3 months old I still use the breathing techniques to settle her if she won’t nap or is overtired.”

D & J P

Account Manager; Stevedore & Personal Trainer, Hypnocalmbirth

“Claire has a rare combination of natural intuition and extensive skill and knowledge in the healing arts. I at once felt relaxed in her presence and very shortly into my first treatment I knew I was in good hands. Claire knows which method is the most suitable for each situation and freely combines all her training into a seamless healing experience.

I feel like every session with her is a gift, and I recommend her to anyone confidently knowing that she will be able to assess your needs and work with you to reach a place of healing and freedom.”


Composer, Massage

“We had a little boy Billy (William) on Wed 2nd July, successful VBAC which was great. It was all a bit of a blur as it was so fast and also getting myself from one headspace of ‘despite the intensity nothing is happening I am going home how will i cope’ to ‘you can push when you feel the urge’ in the space of 5 minutes. But all is well that ends well and I am definitely glad I had the breathing skills to lean on when I remembered/could etc. The re-connecting James and I did in your sessions was also very wonderful and we have had such a wonderful less stressful and calmer experience with a newborn this time and a better relationship in general too. So thank you very much.”


Mother of 2, Hypnocalmbirth

“I find Claire’s massages wonderful. I’ve walked in with sore stiff hips and walked out relaxed and next day walking without stiffness or pain.
I love the range of modalities that Claire uses and my body responds so well to her massages. I particularly like how respectful Claire is –
she listens and if you ask her to be careful around a particular area she is or if you ask her to not massage on a particular spot eg after an operation,
she avoids that particular spot. I think Claire is highly intuitive as she seems to know exactly where my body needs a massage and which modality my body responds to best. ”

November 2013, Massage

“Claire was a fantastic tutor. She gave us several techniques to practice and try in labour so we could use what worked best for us on the day. She also gave good insight into how your frame of mind could affect labour and your ability to cope. This was almost as important as the techniques themselves. Finally, Claire was very personable and readily available to answer any questions or concerns before and after the sessions.” 

Lawyer, Hypnocalmbirth

“I found hypnosis truly beneficial in the lead up to the birth, in supporting me to feel extremely positive, and excited about the birth. The time out each day listening to the soothing messages I felt contributed to the positive outcome of the birth itself – it was my first baby, and the labour took 6 hours, delivered without drugs, without tears, and with a gorgeous healthy bub to greet me at the end. I look back on it as the best experience of my life, and feel that hypnosis helped in reducing any fear I had about the labour, and relaxing me so that I could birth as naturally as possible.” 



Kristin and I attended your class on 27th January and where we were lucky enough to have you to ourselves. I thought I would let you know that on 23rd March 2013 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Finn. The labor and delivery went very smoothly and Finn came into this world without medical intervention by way of water birth.

I started having contractions about 10:30pm the night before. As a result of having a fabulous midwife and your class, I stayed at home until about 2pm the next day before going to the hospital where Finn was born just before 5pm. You gave me as a detailed insight into what my body would be going through so I felt relaxed and in control. I felt so calm and it was a wonderful experience. My partner was also tremendous and together we keep talking about how amazing the experience was.

Thank you for your class. Several of my friends are pregnant and I have referred them to your wonderful service.

C & K


Claire has been my holistic therapist for a number of years. My sessions with Claire are a part of my general health and wellness regime. She has introduced me to hypnosis, NLP and life coaching through our sessions. I have complete trust in and respect for Claire and value her guidance and support which has always been nurturing and professional. I have referred friends, family and colleagues to Claire and highly recommend her as a holistic therapist.


Senior Consultant, Counselling

“Meeting Claire changed my life in many ways. Without judgement, she was a great listener and guided me on a journey of self-discovery. I was surprised to find the answers to many of my concerns came from my inner memories and Claire gave me the tools to find them, unlock them, and now I use them as powerful tools to be more authentic, more confident and more mindful. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little dubious at first, but as soon as I met Claire I knew I was going to leave in a much better frame of mind. I feel more like me, than I’ve felt in a long time. I’m enjoying time with my family more, and excelling at my work. Thank you Claire.”


Marrickville, Counselling

“My husband Trevor and I did Hypno/CalmBirth sessions with Claire in October 2015. We absolutely loved the sessions and felt well prepared for labour and birth. As well as preparing me for every stage of labour, Claire demonstrated to Trevor plenty of massage techniques and other ways he could help me once the contractions began, which meant he felt like – and was – a brilliant partner in labour and birth; his actions on the day were a crucial part of our incredibly positive experience. I’m pleased to say I got my VBAC, and our son Sonny was born November 3. Many thanks again for the wonderful sessions.”

L & T C

Leichhardt, Hypnocalmbirth

“Hi Claire, It’s a boy! It was a natural birth with no stitches or inducing. The midwife did break the water for her to speed things up. Maria was really strong and focused for the whole time. From the very 1st contractions to the birth, the whole thing lasted 36 hours…. very tiring, even for me. We are both happy parents and we thank you for the course you held for us. “

R Reyes

Admin, Hypnocalmbirth

Thank you to my wonderful clients for writing me a testimonial

“Lia is like part of our family. Me, my mum and my sister all see Lia for Lymphatic Drainage and Remedial Massage. We have all seen amazing improvements and our massages have become a part of our regular health regime. Lia is very insightful, dedicated and is always willing to share her knowledge on nutrition to help us on our health journey. Compassion and support is the first thing you feel with Lia and I always look forward to my appointments and great chats with her. Highly recommend Lia!”

Kylie K

Fashion Designer & Consultant, Lymphatic Drainage Massage

“My foot feels like it’s had a holiday.”


Retired Planning Manager, Massage

Claire Cleaver

Claire kindly saw me very late the Friday evening before my induction on the weekend. Her massage and homeopathic remedy helped me avoid induction, I went into labour in the wee hours of the next morning! Claire was fantastic! After our session I felt empowered about the impending labour and an overwhelming sense of calmness.


Accountant, Sydney, Labour Induction Massage

The massage was a welcomed relief. Thank you for your soothing nature and sleeping tips. Many thanks, Belinda


Finance, Pregnancy Massage

“Claire is a magician. I feel like I’m already in Byron (next stop – holiday).”


Finance, Relaxation Massage

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for your help today with Rohan (11 weeks old). He’s already had a bowel movement 3 times today, which has never happened since he was born! I can’t describe how relieved I feel that something has finally give him some relief. Like you suggested I’m going to try those techniques on him once a day.”


Baby Bowen

“Claire can find places that feel like they’ve been run over by a Mac-truck and turn them into fairy floss!” Claire has been very instrumental in my recovery (from 2013 to current) and I have looked forward to my sessions with her.”

Wendy Harris

Agriculture, Therapeutic Massage

“I feel amazing already! It is by far the best treatment I have ever received. You tailored the entire treatment to what my body required and gave me ongoing stretches to help with my recovery and improvement. I really look forward to seeing you again.”

Paramedic Student, October 2013, Massage

Claire treated me with remedial massage through the latter stages of my pregnancy and beyond. She is deeply intuitive and focussed throughout her sessions. One feels safe in her capable hands.


Writer / Director / Development, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

“I love our sessions – they help keep me sane.”


Senior Consultant, Counselling

“Claire’s postnatal massage helped me bounce back mentally and physically after my second baby. I would recommend it to every new mother.”


Clinical Nurse Consultant, Postnatal Massage

“Thank you so much for sending through the affirmation and for the past couple of months, you really helped me find myself and my way again and for that I’m really grateful. I enjoyed our sessions and felt so comfortable in your space, with you, that I’ve already shared your details with the coach I had been working with through my work – I mentioned to her I was going to counselling and how “at home” I felt in The Healing Practice so she asked for a referral for her clients! I’m touched by your support and will definitely be back to see you when/if the need arises. Thanks again Claire, from the bottom of my heart.”



“I consulted Claire when I was 37 weeks pregnant and was struggling to walk due to hip discomfort (this is despite remaining reasonably active throughout my pregnancy) – following my initial consultation with Claire the discomfort in my hips was alleviated allowing me to walk as freely as could be expected at 37 weeks pregnant, I had a further appointment with Claire before giving birth and was equally pleased with the outcome.”


New Mother, Pregnancy Massage

“Masseuse extraordinaire! Claire has been providing her therapeutic services to me and my husband for over 8 years. Her skills are an instrumental part of our wellbeing and her intuitive touch always soothes our stresses away. We cannot imagine life without her.”


Russell Lea, Massage

“I first visited Claire about 6 years ago and have been seeing her ever since & I LOVE her, I cannot compliment her enough.  She is very intuitive and knows what my body needs. She massaged me before, during and after my 2 pregnancies and I always left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. My Sister, Brother and Sister-in-law also now visit Claire regularly, I cannot praise her enough.”


Accountant, Massage

“When I need to be straightened out (physically) I seek out Claire both for her expertise and for her professionalism. She does magic for my balance”.

My wife and I have been seeing Claire for many years. My ankle has always bugged me. It’s gotten better each time I’ve seen Claire but the other day she used something new and it fixed my ankle a treat. Her ability to get to the source of what is ailing us at the time never ceases to amaze us. Claire is very professional in her approach and has a total knowledge of the body structure. She has the fantastic ability to listen to what the problems are and then set about making them right.


Managing Director, Massage

“I first met Claire Cleaver in January 2008 when I was pregnant with my second child. A friend sent me to Claire for Pregnancy massage, which was excellent, and I was very impressed at Claire’s knowledge of the pregnant body.

We got to talking about birthing, and I mentioned that I was very keen to have a drug-free birth this time, as I had had a very difficult birth with my first child and recovery, which I felt was largely caused by the use of an epidural.

Claire came to my home and spoke with my partner and me about ‘natural birthing’, and coached me on how to work with the pain, and how to empower myself while birthing. I found her advice invaluable, and 2 months later, had a completely natural birth, and was able to work through the contractions at home, giving birth at the hospital 12 minutes after arriving! It was a completely empowering experience, so different to my first, with an outcome that was absolutely a result of Claire’s coaching and advice.

Three months after my second child was born, my relationship with her father broke down, and I began seeing Claire for counselling and support on a weekly basis for approximately 9 months. I found Claire to be an excellent counsellor, and an enormous support to me during that period. Claire has a lovely caring nature, and I felt very nurtured and peaceful after each session with her. We regularly set goals together for our counselling, and she helped me to see patterns in my relationships dating back to my childhood. I have returned to Claire intermittently for counselling since that period, and again, always feel supported and nurtured by our sessions. I would highly recommend her services.” 


Photographer, Pregnancy Massage, Birth Education, Counselling

“I was glad that your practice and your detail popped up when I was trying to Google for an experienced massager who could help with my post natal lymphatic drainage massage 6 weeks after I have given birth. I wish I could have found you earlier as I have been suffering from severe post natal fluid retention from first week after I got discharged from the hospital. I have gone through to the specialist with ultrasound and few other lymphatic massages but all ended in futile. When I found you from the Internet, I was amazed with your experience and thought would give it a go! It was the best decision that I have ever made to see you. You are so friendly, understanding, knowledgeable and more importantly your respect to people! You are such an ethical professional as after two session of lymphatic massage sessions, you felt something was not so right with me with the result as it would normally improved after two sessions and you have since then recommended me to a specialist. Your openness, honesty and good business ethic has enabled me to recover from my fluid retention after I received the treatment from the specialist that you have recommended with a combined effort from you in giving me all the postnatal healing session! Kudos to Claire!! You are simply amazing! I would strongly recommend you to anyone and my only regret was I didn’t get to know you early enough. Else my pregnancy journey and experience would had been much pampered under your care! Thank you once again!”

Accountant, Mother of new son, 2015, Lymphatic Massage

The sessions helped prepare my partner and myself for the birth process, to clearly articulate what we wanted from the birth and how we could work together to achieve this. We feel that the sessions directly contributed to the positive natural birth we experienced.

What three positive things did you get from your treatment/session?

1.Reflect on previous birth experience and how this was impacting on expectations and fears about the second birth and importantly, how you can positively address these feelings and refocus on a positive birth experience.
2. Practical techniques and resources to support relaxation and mindfulness that can be used to prepare yourself for labour and while you are going through labour and birth.
3. Excellent CD resource to assist with hypnobirthing – both preparing at home and to use while in labour.

Claire has a caring, calm and professional manner. Her manner helped build a positive relationship with both my partner and myself and an open environment where we felt able to discuss our hopes and fears in relation to the birth experience, ask questions and practice different strategies for birth.

What other noticeable changes did you experience as a result of your treatment/sessions?
Overall we felt better informed and more connected as a couple as we moved towards labour and birth.


R P & T K

Public Servants, Birth Preparation

Claire released a significant amount of tension in my neck, upper back and shoulders.  She also relaxed me incredibly with some mild hypnosis, which was both effective and beneficial.  The massage was so good I booked another for the week following.

Claire has a depth of understanding and level of perception that far outweighs most natural therapists.   She is a very warm, instantly likeable and comfortable person; and she explains things about your body and her treatment in a very effective way. It is obvious by the way Claire remembers things about you and your life that she sincerely cares about you.

My body felt more aligned as a result of the treatment.


Legal Services, Massage