The Clear Method Results Coaching

What kind of coaching do I offer?

To the top

To the top

Professional and personal coaching – based on the The Clear Method Results Coaching.

What is coaching for?

  • Discover that stress and anxiety are your friends
  • Learn the art of clear decision-making
  • Prove to yourself that you are more than OK
  • Clean-up your life and give it meaning

Why engage a coach? 

The process of coaching is to provoke breakthrough moments by stirring the undercurrents of an unsatisfactory life (or at least parts of it) and  transform that to your inspired vision of the near future.  

Via a specific and collaborative approach, coaching helps you achieve clarity on what you want to achieve in your immediate futureand how to do just that. Values driven, fun and purpose-focused with a coach whose aim is to deliver you results.

Differences between a coach and counsellor?

Water washes clean and clear

Water washes clean and clear

Counselling provides a supportive relationship in which to move a person from a painful internal state to a more soothed state. This may take a short time to a long time depending on the person’s issues and resources.

How is coaching different?

Coaching is focussed on the external state (the desired future vision), and works backwards to the internal state to achieve actionable steps to support change. The coaching client may of course have their own set of issues, however they are primarily seeking support to develop the vision of their future expression.

What do you want from a coach?

The right coach does not need to be a counsellor and equally so, the right counsellor does not need to be a coach. However, the approaches can be assuredly complementary when working together, should one approach be deemed more desirable in the moment. The extra skills and mindset of both coach and counsellor give a richer and stronger support to the client’s pathway and process. Especially when change is marked on the horizon.

Quick Tip #1

How to coach yourself successfully
  • Take charge of your critical voice to stop rumination and self-doubt.
  • Align your future vision with your values, desires and abilities
  • Learn effective breathing and mind-calming techniques to reset your intention and stay on-track
Archway to freedom

Archway to freedom

First step: internal validation.

Find out how to be ultra-clear with The Clear Method. Ask yourself these 3 easy questions and discover how hard they can be to answer.

Supportive coaching helps you enter that space of deep internal enquiry and coming up with your reasons to rock your boat on the big vast sea of realisation!



  1. Who am I
  2. What do I want?
  3. How do I get there?

Your why will determine what you want and How you get there is part of the let’s make it happen.

Results Coaching teaches you how to map your path for your desired vision with a coach that is committed and supportive all the way. 

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