Pregnancy and Postnatal Services

The Healing Practice’s range of Holistic Pregnancy & Postnatal services support you through all the phases of uncertainty, transition and transformation (and excitement) that come with Pregnancy – Before, During and After!

What you need to know about Pregnancy and Postnatal care

Pregnancy and birth are probably the most ‘key’ pinnacle experiences a woman can have, and those experiences are certainly worthy of a special kind of preparation and care.
The Healing Practice specialises in a whole mind/ body approach to  fertility wellness

Before Pregnancy

Preconception and natural fertility support

Fertility Massage ( 1 hour or 1.5 hour massages available)

Schedule 1 hr Fertility Massage

  • Abdominal massage for fertility is a specialised massage – to improve a woman’s health and function by focussing on areas of stagnation and tension within her body.
  • An assessment of her current state of wellbeing will determine the best treatment plan for her to aid her goal of healthy conception in both body and mind.  Book here

Fertility Hypnotherapy

Schedule Fertility Hypnotherapy

  • Fertility hypnotherapy provides a safe and supportive space to build an internal space of baby possibility
  • Long-held grief affects any woman’s hormonal balance and fertility.
  • Hypnosis helps a woman make internal changes to the way she thinks, feels and behaves. Book here

Preconception Counselling

Schedule Preconception Counselling
For women contemplating pregnancy and seeking to put a plan in place, who also have no fertility issues ( that they are aware of)

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage ( 1 hour or 1.5 hour massages available)

Schedule 1 hr Pregnancy Massage

  •  Pregnancy Massage is a specialised treatment. It incorporates remedial, therapeutic techniques and lymphatic drainage as is required, to meet the individual needs of the pregnant woman and her baby.
  • Trained in Childbirth Education, Claire will be able to answer your questions about your approaching labour.
  • Regular treatments will assist with the tensions and discomforts experienced during pregnancy.  Book here

Pregnancy Counselling

Schedule Pregnancy Counselling

  • For women concerned about their pre-existing mental health and have concerns about managing and enjoying their pregnancy
  • Issues of being a single mother, partnership difficulties, and other family issues that diminish your appropriate support networks
  • Stress management for balancing life roles, body image adjustment and sleeping
  • Relaxation/mindfulness for pregnancy and birth preparation and procedural anxiety around pregnancy and birth  Book here

HypnoCalmBirth Classes

Schedule HypnoCalm Birth Session

  • HypnoCalmBirth is a method of childbirth preparation based on the premise: that everywoman can achieve an easier and calmer childbirth – when she knows how.
  • Practical and personable instruction based on hypnosis, meditation and childbirth education
  • To give you resourceful skills and a heart pathway to bring your baby into the world. Book here

Prenatal Classes

Schedule PreNatal Education

  • Prenatal / Childbirth Education to prepare you for the birth of your baby, at home, Birth Centre or Delivery Suite.
  • Private Sessions for first-time parents or multiple births
  • Refresher Sessions for parents preparing for their next child
  • Classes aim to equip you with useful information and practical skills for use during labour, pregnancy and the postpartum period.
    The Healing Practice classes are a mixture of information and practical skills and filled with the kind of content that is most useful as birth preparation.
  • Individual private classes focus specifically on your needs – and offer a more intensive and personalised approach to birth preparation.
  • Stress management for balancing life roles, body image adjustment, sleep support and development of baby care skills
  • Relaxation/mindfulness for pregnancy and birth preparation and procedural anxiety. Book here

Natural Labour Induction Massage

Natural Labour Induction Massage

    • This treatment aims to prompt and prime a positive labour response.
    • It is a combination of acupoints, reflexology, and specific techniques to make a difference to your body
    • It encourages baby to settle deeper into your pelvis and look forward to labour
    • Best done around 39 weeks
    • Natural Labour Induction Massage focuses on keeping you and your baby comfortable throughout the treatment.
    • Caulophyllum is available as well to support your labour response. Book here

Prenatal and Postnatal Depression

  • Some women are at an increased risk of depression during pregnancy (known as the antenatal or prenatal period) and in the first year following childbirth (known as the postnatal or perinatal period).
    The causes of depression at this time can be complex and are often the result of a combination of factors.
  • If you need counselling support with your grief, anxiety and/ or deep sadness, please contact me 


Physiotherapy services to alleviate and support: See Eleanor Lee-Bognar 

After Pregnancy- Postnatal Care

Postnatal Recovery Treatment ( 1 hour or 1.5 hour massages available)

Schedule 1 hr Postnatal Recovery Treatment

  • Corrections and massage relief on the lower back, hips and pelvic areas after any labour and childbirth; especially if it was arduous, prolonged or traumatic vaginal or caesarean birth
  • Lymphatic drainage and how-to-self-drain for lactating breast conditions (mastitis and blocked ducts)
  • Appropriate and sensitive care of scar tissue after c-section (caesarean) birth
  • Focus on supporting a woman’s recovery, ensuring she feels internally comfortable and intact after childbirth. Book here

Postnatal Counselling

Schedule Postnatal Counselling

  • Postnatal and Psychosocial support with:
    • parent-baby bonding
    • adjustment to mothering and parenthood role
    • activities of daily living including balancing selfcare, return to work, and routines. Book here

Birth Debrief

  • A debrief allows a unique space to speak about your birth experience, especially if it was difficult at any time, to a professional person who holds a therapeutic space for you to talk in. Book here

Baby Bowen

Schedule Baby Bowen

    • The health and well being of your baby is paramount to a successful transition back to your ‘real life’!  The Healing Practice also provides ongoing care for Mum & Baby.
    • In times of need, when your baby is distressed and you are unable to relieve your baby’s distress, Baby Bowen can make an immediate difference to your baby’s wellbeing, and to yours as well.
    • Baby Bowen is gentle and effective for your baby’s health to help relieve any physical discomfort – resulting from an arduous birth or a maladjustment, that may be affecting their sleeping or digestion.
    • Your session includes a consultation with you, how to offer your baby relief too – and a treatment on baby.
    • We offer The Bowen Technique as well for Mums – and their Partners

Schedule Bowen Technique

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