Holistic Counselling

What are the benefits of counselling?

Fresh beginning

Fresh beginning

  • Relieve problems
  • Fix relationships
  • Learn to problem-solve
  • Risk change in your life
  • Learn to accept yourself

Holistic counselling gives you relief from your problems and the ability to problem-solve your future ones!

Counselling is a unique space between client and counsellor, to assist the person to shift out of a problem and stuck place, into moving forward into a place of change, with compassionate and skilled support. There are many different types of therapy, with some focussing on the person’s past (childhood in particular) that certainly has some bearing on the person’s life that follows and is useful, at least as a marker from where a person has come from. Other therapies are more solution focused and others aim to restructure a person’s thinking in order to sequence improved behavioural outcomes.

The most effective therapy is the one that makes a difference to the individual and may well prove to be an eclectic mix, such as holistic counselling, that fits the person rather than the other way round.

What is Good Counselling Therapy?

Any good therapy – aims to get under the skin of the person, beneath the conversation of words, and into the body of the person. Looking at the edges of the issue in another light. If you could talk sense into yourself, you would’ve done it already.

That is the essence of therapy – to help you shift into a new and different frame of reference and perspective for moving into a change state. It takes energy, honesty and vulnerability to probe the surface and more importantly, to probe below the surface of what’s there to guide you into a new way of being.

Holistic Counselling helps set your ship asail!


What is Holistic Counselling?

This is more of an explanation of Holistic Counselling, as it is often useful to understand the various differences or nuances of counselling models, wheras the overall purpose of any counselling is to assist the person with their problem or issue, to gain relief from it and to empower them to make beneficial change and ultimately, solve or diminish the issue.

Holistic Counselling is an interpersonal or humanistic approach with broader overlays of other counselling models, such as existentialism, gestalt, and mindfulness approaches that serve to influence how best to support a person’s discovery of self. It underpins a body of thinking that presupposes for the most part, that we are our own best ‘healers’ in body and mind, albeit there will be times when we will struggle to adhere to that viewpoint or ‘lose our way’.

Long and wordy, I know. But unfortunately, it’s mostly the old stories from perceived past failures that keep you in a ‘stuck’ place. Getting out from underneath the weightiness of the words and the stories and making peace with the past is the optimal step to moving forward.

Letting go creates the space to realise a fresh future and the impetus to action it. It’s important to experience a somatic or felt sense of how to channel change in yourself. This is an important driver in releasing the past and stirring the creative fire we are all capable of and meant to do!

How long does counselling last for?

  • Counselling is mostly short-term because it’s goal-orientated, with a framework involving tasks for you to complete, towards actual goal outcomes.
  • All ‘talking therapies’ require consolidation in terms of action-based activities, and in anchoring a person into the future, rather than dredging up the past or in staying stuck in the present trauma.
  • The number of sessions you require, will be determined by how you want to measure your progress and in absorbing change to move forward.
  • Sometimes, it may be longer, as some issues require more ongoing therapy where deeper issues are likely to be explored.
  • Later on, if new issues or related ones present themselves, it is both normal and recommended to seek fresh therapeutic support; therefore a person is always encouraged to re-enter therapy for future issues or coaching for booster needs.

True healing comes from within…

Claire works with sensitivity, humour and compassion and is committed to her clients getting effective results.

Claire Cleaver is a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist and has many years experience working with clients and their families.

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It is with great pleasure that I give this testimonial. Meeting Claire changed my life in many ways. Without judgement, she was a great listener and guided me on a journey of self-discovery. I was surprised to find the answers to many of my concerns came from my inner memories and Claire gave me the tools to find them, unlock them, and now I use them as powerful tools to be more authentic, more confident and more mindful. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little dubious at first, but as soon as I met Claire I knew I was going to leave in a much better frame of mind. I feel more like me, than I’ve felt in a long time. I’m enjoying time with my family more, and excelling at my work. Thank you Claire.
Simon, Marrickville

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After driving past Claire’s practise on many occasions, I decided to reach out to her at a very difficult time in my marriage. I was seeking counsel around how to handle a situation. Claire’s care and compassion helped me frame the conversation with my husband. I continued to work with her as my husband and I worked through the issues. I found her to be a great listener, constructive in her advice, not judgemental along with having a warmth and care that makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Claire and would use her again.

More Benefits of Counselling

  • Improves mental and physical health
  • Decreases levels of cortisol, an indicator of stress
  • Decreases levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine and helps to lower anxiety
  • Soothes the nervous system by increasing levels of the “feel-good” hormones serotonin and dopamine
  • An overall improvement in mood