The Healing Practice is pleased to add the Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy to it’s range of Treatments and Services for our clients.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Therapy is a painless, effective and a very relaxing treatment to improve the overall condition of your skin and body.
The CellumaPro light therapy can be offered as an Add-on to our other treatments OR as part of our Deep Lymphatic Facial Drainage & Buccal Massage Trio Deluxe Treatments that also incorporates lymphatic drainage.

To assist with obtaining the best results for our clients, The Healing Practice created the 2 treatments, utilising both the CellumaPro LED Therapy and the Full Body Compression & Circulate System for Lymphatic Drainage (Read more below)

What is LED light therapy?

LED – or Light Emitting Diode – Therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to promote collagen production, improve skin health and rejuvenate the skin at the cellular level. No fillers, no injections, no side-effects.

During treatment the LED emits therapeutic wavelengths or colours of light energy. When exposed to specific light wavelengths, the cells in the dermis convert this light energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the fuel necessary for cells to function and regenerate at the highest level possible.

● Red LED stimulates fibroblasts in the dermal layers. These are responsible for producing collagen (which gives the skin its plumpness) and elastin (which gives the skin elasticity). Red LED is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, treat stretch marks and sun damage.

● Blue LED is effective at improving acne by targeting acne-causing bacteria which live in the pores and on the skin’s surface.Headshot of client using Celluma LITE Pro for a facial treatment at The Healing Practice clinic

● Yellow LED is absorbed most deeply and helps to increase cell permeability and absorption, reduce pain, inflammation, and speed healing of cystic acne.

● Green LED addresses pigmentation issues, evens out skin tone and discoloration, brightens the complexion and has a calming effect, stimulates your lymphatics.

LED Light Therapy is a painless, effective and a very relaxing treatment to improve the overall condition of your skin and body.  It can be offered as an add-on to our other treatments or as part of our Queen Trio or the Queen Duo treatments.

What is the science about LED Light Therapy?

  • The treatment is non-invasive, painless, requires no recovery time, and can be used safely on all skin types.
  • LED Light Therapy stimulates your skin’s natural healing process.
  • LED Light Therapy is the newest category of non-thermal (non-heating) light therapies used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine today. It is also one of the oldest therapeutic modalities to be used to treat various health concerns and conditions. Artificial phototherapy was born out of the research done in 1903 by the Danish physician, Niels Ryberg Finsen (Roelands, 2005).
  • Light therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits.

The energy delivered is then used to improve cellular performance.
Light therapy can be delivered through light emitting diode (LEDs) devices or cold lasers, and has a variety of applications across many medical fields.

The Healing Practice client receiving a leg & knee treatment with Celluma PRO device at clinic

It has been widely researched and is supported by thousands of peer-reviewed and published clinical research papers from prestigious institutions around the world.
Other terms by which light therapy is known are photo-bio stimulation, photo-biomodulation, photomedicine, LED light therapy, low-level light therapy (LLLT), red light therapy, cold and soft LASER therapy.

All these terms are correct, have the same meaning and are used to describe the delivery of light energy to treat a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions.

THP Patient receiving combined treatment with a Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy Device and Circulate Compression Suit- different view

The Healing Practice client receiving a combined treatment with a Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy Device and Lymphatic Circulate Compression Suit

What are the therapeutic benefits of using LED Light Therapy?

  • LED works on a cellular level deep into the tissue to stimulate collagen production, reduce active acne, calm inflammation of rosacea, and induce faster healing of wound care and joint pain. It is also very relaxing.

There are many uses of LED therapy in skincare.

    • General rejuvenation.
    • Increased collagen and elastin formation.
    • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Improve elasticity of the skin.
    • Photo-ageing (sun related ageing)
    • Modest decrease in pigmentation.
    • Smoothening the appearance of skin.
    • Acne.

The Healing Practice is delighted to introduce this LED Therapy to support our range of Services and modalities.
You can schedule a FULL 90 min session or as an 30 min Add On

Difference between CellumaPro and other red light therapy devices

Unlike other LED red light therapy devices on the market, CellumaPro has the unique ability to contour close to the skin’s surface for increased light absorption by the cells and optimised therapeutic efficacy.

We are often asked about the differences between LED masks, such as the Omnilux Contour mask and Celluma’s shape-taking LED devices.
As we always say, follow the scientific literature and what has been proven through credible research, the rest is just marketing hype.

  • The most significant difference between the Celluma SERIES of LED light therapy devices is first, its patented, shape-taking ability to form comfortably around joints as well as the face.
  • The CellumaPro and Series of light therapy devices offers one, two, and three-mode devices that can all be used on the face, as well as other areas of the body to treat ageing skin, acne, as well as pain.
  • The Contour and Clear mask from Omnilux is a single-mode device covering the face only and is held in place with a Velcro strap stretched behind the user’s head.
  • If you require treatment on skin and pain conditions elsewhere on the body, the CellumaPro has 3-modes which effectively treat all these conditions in a single device.

The Omnilux Contour Mask treats only anti-ageing and the Omnilux Clear Mask treats only acne.
Advanced LED light therapy devices emit multiple wavelengths simultaneously including blue light energy which is proven to kill the bacteria that causes acne.
Celluma effectively treats acne, aging skin, pain, muscle and joint conditions in a single device.

It should be noted that the Omnilux Contour Mask is marketed with a Hydrogel Mask.
This mask is a revenue generating consumable designed to entice repeated ongoing purchases. A red flag noted in the Contour Hydrogel mask video, is the following statement: “the (Hydrogel) mask enhances the results allowing maximum light to reach the skin.”
Given that this mask is shiny, thick and reflective, it will more likely act as a barrier to the absorption of the light energy by preventing the energy from reaching the target cells.
It will deflect light away from the skin and, in doing so, will potentially diminish the effect of the LED light therapy treatment.

Instead, Celluma recommends using LED light therapy on clean, dry skin and then applying necessary skin care products (topicals) based on your skin type and needs, post-treatment, so as not to deflect the light away from the skin.
For more information on this, see the blog post “Benefits of Professional LED Light Therapy Treatment and How the Equipment Really Works”.

Celluma PRO LED Light Therapy Device completing treatment on Patients Back

Celluma PRO LED Light Therapy Device completing treatment on Patients Back

The Omnilux website states: “The specifically formulated Hydrogel Mask is designed to maximize light penetration into the dermis.”
This is the second red flag statement that is not supported by credible scientific research and should be carefully noted and examined by any potential buyer.
The third red flag is that the Hydrogel Mask used to be the “proprietary mask” of another LED system (which attempted and failed to successfully launch in the U.S. several years ago). At that time, the Hydrogel Mask claimed that it was designed specifically for use with that particular LED system

Celluma is cleared by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) to treat all of the following:

  • Arthritic Pain
  • Full Facial/Periorbital Wrinkles
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Muscle Tissue Tension
  • Muscle & Joint Stiffness
  • Diminished Local Circulation
  • Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris
  • Medically CE-marked for sale in the European Union as a Class II Medical Device for Dermal Wound Healing
  • Celluma is also Over-the-Counter cleared
  • Hair Restoration

Book your appointment at The Healing Practice with one of the CellumaPro LED Therapy services available- or book it as as Add On

To assist with obtaining the best results for our clients, The Healing Practice has New Treatments utilising the ‘Compression & Circulate System’ for Lymphatic Drainage AND the CellumaPro LED Therapy!
The Deep Lymphatic Facial Drainage & Buccal Massage Trio Deluxe treatment…. read more details below and Book

Queen Trio Treatment : Lymphatic Drainage, LED & Deep Fascial Release Therapy Package- 90 mins
Schedule Your ‘Deep Lymphatic Facial Drainage & Buccal Massage Trio’ Deluxe Treatment Now!

The Queen Trio of our new deluxe lymphatic services includes our compression circulate garments of best choice for your legs, waist and hips or arms; and the LED CellumaPro for your facial anti-ageing needs or body pain issues.
Start with spinal massage to decompress and relax you, then compression circulate to stimulate your lymphatic system and LED CellumaPro for your face and décolletage; and finish with our exclusive Deep Fascial Release facial massage to lift and invigorate the face, neck and décolletage.
This Queen Trio treatment includes specialised facial massage techniques included in the 90 mins, for a natural face lift effect /appearance for a total body and mind release.

Feel free to contact us for more information
Just Book 30 mins with CellumaPro LED Therapy to go with any other treatment:
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