Introductory phone call

Before you commit to an appointment, it’s important to do some research and
check the person out by having a conversation with them over the phone first, to see
if they seem right for you. Give us a call to find out how we can help
you and make up your own mind. We offer a 20 minute introductory call for you to outline your concerns and the kind of help that you would like to get. That might be a hard question for you to answer, especially if you have sought other professional help before. The bottom line is, if the help is not making a difference, then you probably need to look elsewhere.

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Empathy is to listen with care

There are counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists; and all of them will have different levels of training, skills and approaches in working with people. The most important skill of all, is the therapist’s ability to be empathic. Empathy is to listen with care, attentiveness and attempt to be in your shoes in the telling of your story. When another person sits in the shoes of another, they empathically attune themselves to the suffering of the other, with an openness of heart to understand without judgement or a rush to problem-solve your solutions. This empathic attending helps to develop the right kind of approach that will fit you to be more instrumental in solving your problems, albeit with some help.
Schedule an Introductory Phone Call or call 0438 216 351.

Why see a Therapist?

When a person’s life is not working in the way they want it to, or they don’t know how to fix it and make it better, then it makes sense to see a therapist. Everyone struggles with aspects of their lives some of the time. Most of the time, we all work out how to solve our problems and make life good again. When we can’t, it’s important to look further afield for help that can help us solve our problems.

Schedule an Introductory Phone Call

0438 216 351.