Postnatal Recovery

Postnatal specialised recovery programmes are aimed at women who have encountered any kind of physical difficulty, both during the birth process or afterwards. (E.g. post-caesarean birth). Often women join a local group that’s run by a trainer that does not necessarily have any postnatal education. It may be fine for women who have had a straight-forward birth, but still, the need is there for women to train postnatally with a a suitably trained person.

Pelvic fascia is the main area postbirth, that needs proper toning and excessive jumping and running maybe the best thing for it, further down the track. But in the vital early recovery period (first 6 – 12 months), excessive ‘anything’ can wet your pants in a most unbecoming way. I speak from experience after having my first child, and had no idea at all, that I would wet my pants after gaily running around an oval during a lunchtime break, while attending a ‘better parenting’ workshop!

Sodden underwear teaches you to be wary about any sudden moves or activities, like coughing, sneezing, running to catch a bus, etc. Education teaches you to tone your pelvic fascia so those accidents don’t happen unexpectedly, and gives you both confidence in your body and makes it strong again, for another baby or not.

Kylee Todd is a specialist in postnatal fitness. She runs both individual sessions and small group classes, and operates in Glebe, Sydney’s innerwest.

You can call Kylee on: 0406 975 934


The Healing Practice
7 Albert St
Forest Lodge (Glebe)
NSW 2037.
By appointment only.