Natural Labour Induction Massage

Moving that baby down

Moving that baby down with labour induction massage

  • Are you overdue and anxious?
  • Want to avoid a medical induction?
  • What can you do to naturally and safely induce labour?

If you go beyond your due date and panic starts to set in, there are various things you can do to naturally induce your labour and massage is one of them. Massage is a safe method to relieve both physical and mental discomfort and relax you while pregnant. Labour Induction Massage can help encourage you and baby into labour.

What is a Natural Labour Induction Massage?

Certain therapeutic points and moves can be used to ‘tweak’ a natural labour induction within a massage treatment. Not only does that give your body a gentle nudge in hopefully the right direction, it helps your mind to relax so both you and baby will be in excellent condition on the big day.

  • A Natural Labour Induction treatment takes an hour and a half and is focussed on keeping you and baby comfortable throughout the treatment.
  • A combination of certain essential oils, acupoints, reflexology, stretches and body movements make a difference to prompt and prime a positive labour response. There are many variabilities specific to each woman wanting a successful outcome.
  • You are encouraged to connect with your baby using any techniques or methods that you might be already practising. I will also suggest suitable hypnotic or meditative techniques, or personalised body imagery and/or listening to birth visualisations to stir your  mindbody settings.

Labour may happen within hours or days! If it doesn’t, you can repeat the treatment or in combination with other methods, and expect a better outcome.

When is the best time to naturally induce your labour?

  • The best time is close to the due date and after it. Attempting natural induction methods around 36 weeks is probably not going to make much difference, except make you anxious when nothing happens.
  • However, it is still a good time to start priming your body for a state of readiness. A relaxed body and calm state of mind is the ideal start to labour, or in the last weeks and days leading up to it. Massage, acupuncture and other therapies will all be of benefit to you and baby.
  • Sometimes, women will attempt certain methods and not get a result and become disheartened. In that case, it is often best to be proactive with your chosen method, leave it for 2-3 days and then repeat the method or try another.
  • Labour is often activated in this manner, as the initial stimulus has primed the woman’s body to be more receptive to the follow on methods, whether it’s the same initial stimulus or another.

How can YOU naturally induce your labour?

Bouncing on a fitball can bring the baby down

Bouncing on a fitball can bring the baby down

There are various things that you can also do. You can see certain professionals as in acupuncture, using points and moxa to move things along or reflexology, or essential oils may also help. A ride in a bumpy car is a ‘bush’ classic. Taking a ‘cocktail’ of olive oil and orange juice or the acclaimed ‘Castor Oil’ to get your bowels moving may also help. Or go for a gentle walk.

Recommended Methods of Natural Labour Induction


(Practitioners will generally utilise the contra-indicated points for pregnancy to naturally induce a labour. For further information, ask your preferred practitioner or other care-givers for recommendations.)

  • Acupuncture: See preferred Acupuncturist experienced in ‘Women’s Health and Obstetrics
  • Bowen Technique: As above or other
  • Massage for Labour Induction: As Above or other
  • Reflexology: As above or other
Self- Method Remedies
  • Emergency Essence/Rescue Remedy: Maybe useful for any initial distress re being ‘overdue’. Or taken throughout labour as an adjunctive support for you and partner.

    Blue Cohosh / Caulophyllum

    Blue Cohosh / Caulophyllum

  • Homeopathic Remedies – Possible remedies are Caulophyllum (blue cohosh), Pulsatilla, Aconite. Discuss with Homeopath, Herbalist or Naturopath for correct remedy and dosage.
  • Pressing certain points on the meridians such as: Bladder 67 on the outside of the little toenail or Kidney points on the inside of the ankle. There are more but these are often easy to access. Press gently for 15-30 seconds, release for 10 seconds and repeat for a few sets. And repeat hourly if possible.
Bowel Laxatives

How does it work?  Bowel activity can stimulate labour as in prelabour, whereby the spontaneous and purgative action of loose stools is designed to evacuate the bowel, as preparation for labour and to create a degree of internal space for labour to occur. Having said that, loose bowels are a normal sign of prelabour, and pre-activating them can help stimulate your labour.

Types of Bowel Laxatives

  • Prune juice taken hourly until bowel tolerance is reached (i.e. Loose bowels).
  • Take orally 1tb Olive Oil followed immediately by orange juice, taken hourly till bowel tolerance is reached (duration of 3-4 hours only).
  • Castor Oil has become popular again as its action is probably more intense than Olive oil. Organic Castor Oil is always best.
  • Dissolve Vitamin C Ascorbic powder in water or juice to stimulate bowel function and hopefully labour. Take until bowel tolerance is reached. Dosage: 1/2tsp every hour
  • Organic Licorice in the form of tea or lollies have a purgative effect and are a pleasant tasting alternative to other laxative methods.

These methods are often best when alternated as in, day on followed by day off, again to allow the body to recover from any overt stimulus and to give it time to build a cumulative effect.

(Caution: Excess loose bowels can cause dehydration and fatigue. Extra fluids must be increased.)

Physical Activity

SexImage. kindness

  • Sex is not for everyone at this time, but for those who still find pleasure in sex so late in your pregnancy, it is a useful method and hopefully pleasurable as well.

How does it work?  The act of sex introduces the prostaglandin hormone present in semen which helps to soften the cervix; and a vaginal orgasm will create contractions, with the help of the hormone oxytocin, creating a ‘trigger’ effect to get labour going.

Method: Obvious of course – and based on the comfort of the pregnant woman first and foremost. A good position is the woman lying on her back on the bed with her bottom close to the edge of the bed and her legs firmly planted on the floor. Partner approaches leaning over her in a crouch supporting himself on the bed (hopefully not too graphic and therefore off-putting to try it on)!

Often self-masturbation is an easier option!

  • Walking – a gentle stroll stretches your uterine ligaments, jiggles baby about and gravity helps to encourage baby by thinking labour thoughts when bouncing along on your cervix! All good fun.
  • Or bumpy car rides – can also activate labour (old bush lore logic).

“Triple Whammy”

Eating spicy food to encourage digestive and bowel response, wine to relax and inhibit ‘over-thinking’ re the what ifs, if this doesn’t work; and sex for afters to stimulate labour through prostaglandin (contained in semen) to ripen and soften cervix.  And maybe, if you are really keen, to walk to your chosen eating place if nearby, for a really big night out.

(Caution: May induce nausea and/or labour in no particular order or just make you tired!)

Having a good laugh

Finally, watching something positive and funny, not necessarily related to birth, but having a good time with lots of laughs to encourage a more positive state of mind and a letting go!

(Disclaimer: This list of suggestions for inducing labour maybe more effective in tandem with each other, such as massage and acupuncture, and overall will depend on the symptoms and ‘readiness’ factor in each individual woman and cannot be guaranteed to work.

Having said that, it is my experience that most women when considering natural methods of labour induction, do so as a desire to be proactive in their approaching labour for a variety of reasons; but ultimately to effect a beneficial outcome for both their baby and self. None of these methods are harmful to the mother and most certainly not to the baby within. Expert advice is necessary when choosing suitable methods employed by self or recommended by practitioners.)

Prepared by Claire Cleaver (Holistic Therapist and Childbirth Educator)

Regular price of Labour Induction Massage for 1.5 hour – $160

“I just wanted to contact you to say how much I enjoyed the massage last Thursday afternoon and to let you know it did the trick perfectly! That evening I went home and had a delicious curry for dinner with a glass of red wine and really relaxed. By 10.30 pm my waters had broken and then our beautiful daughter was in our arms by 5.30 am Saturday morning!

I was so happy I didn’t have to get induced at the hospital and it all happened very naturally.

Many thanks, Allie.”

Allie Playfair


“Claire kindly saw me very late the Friday evening before my induction on the weekend. Her massage and homeopathic remedy helped me avoid induction, I went into labour in the wee hours of the next morning!

Claire was fantastic! After our session I felt empowered about the impending labour and an overwhelming sense of calmness.”

Rebecca Smith

Sydney, Accountant

 Claire Cleaver is a Childbirth Educator and a Holistic Therapist specialising in the care of pregnant women and their families.

Claire is trained in massage and specialises in the care of pregnant and postnatal
women. She has trained in other modalities such as Shiatus, Bowen Technique, Advanced
Myofascial and Musculoskeletal Acupuncture. She brings all of these skills to her
clients who need to encourage their babies to come on time, if they can be
encouraged. There is nothing finer than seeing a baby inutero respond..

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Other Techniques

Focused concentration can take you inward

  • Meditation and Self-hypnotic techniques are perfect for ‘going within’, and steadying your mind about the labour starting naturally and spontaneously; and when baby is ready to press the button, so to speak!
  • Mental tension and anxiety tend to knot your body in a manner that is not conducive to ‘letting go’ and into the flow of labour. Calm yourself with your mind, employ ‘mindfulness’ while walking about in a pleasant place, or even shopping slowly, that it is all just as it is, and will happen when it does! Easier said than done, I know. However if you have a practise, then use it for the full benefits of steadying and calming your mind, and checking in with  baby.

Nipple stimulation – “tweak and twiddle”

How does it work?

  • You need to work the nipple and the areola by gently rubbing and using a lubricant if you choose. Stimulating your breasts in this way will cause a pleasurable sensation which may encourage you to keep going for at least 3-5 minutes per breast. This action stimulates the production of the hormone,oxytocin hopefully cranking up your uterus.  Studies do show that it works although results are variable. The downside to this method is that you may have to do it for a while.
  • Another method that reduces direct handling of your nipples is to use a ‘breast pump’, if you have one already. The suction of the pump stimulates the ‘let down’ reflex (and oxytocin) in breastfeeding and also causes uterine contractions. You may notice drops of ‘colostrum’ when using a breast pump which is completely normal in the last weeks of your pregnancy, and will in no way, affect or deplete your breastmilk production for your newborn.
  • Recommended is to stimulate your breasts for 30minutes, three times a day. Some recommend doing it for longer but I suspect that could lead to overhandling of already sensitive nipples.


(Melissa saw Claire on the Saturday before the scheduled induction on Tuesday and this happened!)

“I didn’t go in to labour naturally but was induced on Tuesday night. Our baby girl Anna arrived at lightening speed 3 hours later.

They didn’t even realize I was in labour until right at the end because it was so unusual that it happened that quickly. We are at the hospital and learning how to look after our new baby. She is super cute and is doing really well.”

Thanks again


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