Sitting in our feelings to lessen anxiety

This should be an easy thing to do, but for many of us, it is not. An anxiety state is often what we create and go to as a default setting, when it becomes too difficult to process how we feel
Our inverted distress of not seeing the world as it really is, can distort our view of reality and set up a second guessing self that needs to check and recheck that all is well with our world – out there and that it matches our internal world of ourselves, inside.

It’s kind of delusional. When your friends have a similar view towards life then it seems quite normal to have an anxious way of being in the world. And at some point, it makes good sense to just stop!

Stop and sit still and feel the feelings in your body and know that there is nothing truer than those feelings fullstop.

The stuff in your head is for the most part – made-up rubbish. Untrue nonsense that has no real grounding to it. Half-truths that someone said, suggested, kinda said, inferred, maybe meant it, didn’t. In fact, not believable as opposed to ‘unbelievable’. Can’t trust half the stuff that your crazy thoughts make up.

Sitting still in a quiet place away from your attention-seeking phone is helpful.
Breathing a few easy breaths to ground you in your body and just noticing what you notice.
Heart-rate. Contact underneath you. Feet on the ground. Hands resting in lap perhaps. Shoulders relaxed. Soft belly. Breathing. Noticing thoughts and letting them go. Putting them on the side for the time being. Get back to them later. Sitting still. Sensations in body. Noticing, wondering about them but not too much as it easily gets into thinking and making up grand stories about what it all might mean.

Sitting still and breathing. Nothing fancy.
Just noticing what there is to notice. For 1 minute or more.
And doing it again when you need to defocus on what’s out there, and more importantly, refocus on what’s ‘in’ there – in you.

Find our more how to refocus on you and let go of anxiety. 

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