Debriefing Birth

  • Doorway to a new day

    Doorway to a new day

    Do you need to debrief your birth?

  • Are you blaming yourself?
  • Want to understand more about how it happened that way?
  • How to find compassion for yourself?
It’s important to talk about your labour and childbirth experience?

Debriefing labour and the birth is an important task to do. Why is that? It helps women to go through what happened, how their experience was and importantly, did it match their expectations or not. Prior to labour, most women pretend that they have no expectations, but they hope they will acquit themselves well in the process anyway. They hope they won’t be a disappointment – to themselves, or their partner, their mother, the doula, the attending midwife or to womankind in general. Now that’s a big ask.  The outcome can almost be predicted.


‘How a woman approaches her daily life can generally determine how a woman approaches labour …’

That means – how she thinks and feels about herself, how she is with others, and how she takes care of herself. That is the major determinant of how a woman will be in labour. A woman who doubts herself in life will unfortunately doubt herself in labour, unless she chooses to change some part of herself prior to childbirth that will make a sufficient difference, to her thinking, her deeper self and any subsequent actions. Or if she can discover or access some resource of hopefulness that gives her another pathway of change.

A woman who is generally optimistic will approach her labour (her trial of womanhood) optimistically, but is likely to exercise a cautionary restraint upon herself as well, just in case! Labour is unpredictable in any case. There are so many variable factors that can alter a seemingly straightforward outcome into anything but. Yet that is the nature of labour and birth, and why women are encouraged to ‘go with the flow’, ‘surrender to the process’ and so on and to let themselves merge into the experience, whatever it brings.

Debriefing then, is the chance to talk about it, how it went, how it didn’t go according to ‘plan’ and what a woman learnt about herself, in the unrelenting ‘steamroller’ process of labour and birth. And more importantly, where is she now in that understanding, the retrospective view of herself, and the next steps, tentative or otherwise of unveiling herself as a woman of change and a mother.

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Birthing your child is a life-changing event. Mostly it goes well. When it doesn’t, it can cast a shadow of discontent. It’s important to let go of the shadow to move forward into the light of a new day, new life and fresh challenges.

Claire is a Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Childbirth Educator.

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Testimonials to check out what our other clients say about us

The Healing Practice

The Healing Practice
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