Sharon Delamotte – Holistic Massage Therapist


A turning-point for me was in my early twenties when I was involved in a serious car accident. To help my recovery, I needed regular Osteopathic treatments that included Remedial Massage as part of the soft tissue warm-up. That really worked for me.

I had already commenced Naturopathy training, and at that time was learning about diet and herbal medicine and decided to be my own case-study and apply that knowledge to get better. It worked.

When I completed my Naturopathy training, I was keen to help other people improve their health too and get relief from their current problems. The more I saw clients, the more I realised that their outside health needed to match their inside health, and I started to invest more time in treating my clients with massage.

Since those early days I have trained in various other bodywork techniques to produce a very focused style of massage therapy.  I found that clients who received physical treatment alongside their naturopathic plan, improved more quickly than just receiving naturopathic treatment alone.

I realised that a physically improved person was more likely to activate other changes in their life such as diet; or seek other useful education, rather than the other way around.

In addition to over 20 years as a Naturopath and as Remedial Massage therapist, I am a trained Holistic Counsellor.

Prone to anxiety myself, I sought counselling for this often debilitating condition. Again, prompted by my own earlier experiences, I decided to train in counselling to keep myself healthy and in charge of myself, and later to help others manage their own mental health issues around stress and anxiety.

I can vouch for myself that a combination of massage and a regular practise of mindfulness assists enormously, in managing both potential attacks and reducing the severity of them.

  • Remedial Massage
  • Chinese Massage
  • Intuitive Massage
  • Trigger Points
  • Myofascial Technique

Intuitive Massage allows me to read a person’s symptoms in their body; to use the appropriate technique and offer my client any further information, which may help them to a more balanced state of body and mind.

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  • Diploma of Remedial Massage – Nature Care College
  • Diploma of Naturopathy – Nature Care College
  • Bachelor of Counselling – Australian College of Applied Psychology


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Sharon Delamotte – Holistic Massage Therapist
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