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    Birth Support

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Due dates come and go, with 4% of babies actually arriving on their due dates, and the majority of them arriving afterwards. Yes, a small percentage do arrive early, but not many. For babies, it is generally in their best interest to arrive later to develop their full lung maturity, rather than earlier!

One of my clients today mentioned that her due date and her partner’s return from overseas study might not coincide in her favour! A minor blip. Her baby is due early December and he is due mid-December.

My client is booked into the local Birth Centre at a major teaching hospital,  and policy is that she must be accompanied by at least one support person, if not two. Her mother is not on the ‘hot list’ for birth support. If she does not find someone suitable among her friends, then another solution is required for her.

I suggested as a Birth Educator that she choose a friend based on simple criteria such as:

  • She is comfortable with her
  • Ideally, her friend has a baby already and the birth went relatively well
  • Her friend has a positive attitude
  • Her friend is practical and not squeamish

If no-one fitted, she might consider engaging the services of a Doula, as a professional and skilled person in birth support. At 31 weeks, she still has time to make that happen.

The last few weeks of a woman’s pregnancy ideally should be a lovely time of settling, blooming more fully, getting tired yes and feeling supported and looking forward to her baby coming. It’s less ideal and simply stressful, if her birth support team is not confirmed or readily available.

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Updated February 14th, 2024