Ray – Body Therapist and Integrated Physiotherapist

Ray has specialities in most areas of functional body health from lymphatic drainage to remedial/sports massage and also in craniosacral therapy.  Ray practises as an Integrated Physiotherapist as he works in both soft tissue and gentle realignments.

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Services Offered


  • German Diploma of Massage therapy
  • German Diploma of Physiotherapy
  • German Diploma of Osteopathy
  • German Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Additional training: – Lymph drainage and Complex Compression therapy
  • Foot reflex zone massage
  • Paediatric (Baby and children) osteopathy
  • Craniosacral therapy


My working background

In the beginning I worked in a clinic that specialised in diseases and dysfunction of the lymphatic system. I became very experienced in providing a healing treatment in lymph drainage massage and compression therapy. I also treated the classical dysfunctions in the body like knee and back problems.

After a while, I figured out that as a physiotherapist alone, I could not reach my goal in treating the whole body sufficiently by treating only the single affected parts. So I decided to become an osteopath and naturopath to become more skillful in treating the whole body.  To not treat the symptoms only but to figure out where the real problem was coming from.

What keeps me motivated?

To help people have more quality in their life so they can have more fun with their friends and family. To enjoy more focus in their daily life and work and to feel more fit and healthy.

More about my qualifications

  • 10/2010 bis 09/2012 Sebastian-Kneipp-School of Massage therapy and Physiotherapy from the Federal-Kneipp-Organisation, Bad Wörishofen- Germany Diploma of massage therapist , secondary school
  • 09/2012 bis 03/2014 Sebastian-Kneipp-School of massage therapy and physiotherapy from the federal-Kneipp-Organisation, Bad Wörishofen- Germany Diploma of physiotherapist
  • 04/2014 bis 05/2014 Lymphologic medical further education Ltd., Bad Wörishofen – Germany Therapist for manual lymphdrainage and complex physical decongestions therapy
  • 03/2015 bis 03/2018 medicine and art of living academy, Munich – Germany, extra-occupational education as a osteopath
  • 04/2018 bis 10/2018 Self-study as a Naturopath Naturopath – exam 10/2018 health department Augsburg
  • 01/07 to 10/07/2019 08/12 to 11/12/2019 medicine and art of living academy, Munich – Germany, further education baby- and children osteopathy
  • 05/2014 bis 08/2014 Lymphological priority focuses clinic Bromberger, Waltenhofen – Germany, Physiotherapist,

08/2014 bis 07/2017 08/2014 bis 07/2017 Clinic for osteopathy and physiotherapy Titscher, Oberstdorf – Germany, Physiotherapist, 08/2017 bis 01/2020 Physiotherapy and osteopathy Clinic Fischer, München – Germany Physiotherapeut, Osteopath.

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